Education can provide hope and opportunity for the future of Haiti.  The literacy rate in Haiti is 50% and only half of the children attend school.  There are few public schools and for most children, the only chance for an education is from private schools.  With an average monthly income of $50, few families can afford to send their children to school.  Even though schools are often over-crowded with no electricity or air conditioning, the children are delighted to have the opportunity to learn.

Reiser Relief supports two schools that together educate 1,000 students.  Terre Promise School is located in the slum of Cite Soleil.  Reiser Heights is in the poor, rural area of Lespinasse.  Reiser Relief pays teacher salaries so that school fees can be affordable for poor families.  An average monthly salary for a teacher is $70.  We have also built school classrooms, delivered water to schools, and purchased food, school supplies, benches, desks, uniforms and school supplies for these beautiful children of God.

Currently we are providing university scholarships to twelve graduates of Terre Promise.  These bright students are studying medicine, business, agriculture and information systems at various universities in Port au Prince.